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Build A Modern Website For Your Church...!!!

Today, Having A Web Presence Is One Of The Most Effective Means To Spread The Gospel And Win Souls For Christ.

But The Pain You Are
Going Through😔⚠️

I Know How That Feels Like... 🏌️‍♀️

Spending Hours during the week preparing for Sunday Sermon...

On Sunday Worship Service, you stood 2+ hours preaching the word of God;

  • And after all the efforts and preparation;
  • After all the hard work and countless hours you’ve put in studying the bible to make sure you deliver the best sermon to the members;
  • And as soon as they leave the church, they just forget everything you preach.

How many times have you spent hours preaching the word of God and wondering,

“Will my members recall or remember all that I’ve said…?

Can they quote even a single verse after spending days, and weeks preparing for it…?


Daddy, I understand how you feel…

It’s not a new thing;

It’s just the work of the devil, busy distracting members during the Gospel and dozing them off to sleep while the message is on.

Research shows that people often think more about their problems and family issues in the church during the Gospel hour.

This is why many members have been in the church for years and cannot go out there and stand to preach the Gospel to the sinners out there.

In Mark 16:15

"And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world,
and preach the gospel to every creature."

But surprisingly, many members cannot do that...

But we're going to solve that problem starting from today.

The Hidden Truth

People Hate To Admit It, But The Real Truth Is...

The world is changing very fast, everything is now moving towards the digital.

The real fact is, people, express themselves better online than physical.

Most people feel more enthusiastic on the internet world rather than their physical world.

Some will even prefer to share their problems

Open up, Seek Advice, Make Secrete Confessions and express themselves freely online better than their physical world.
You stand a chance to help those in need of salvation...
Get your church website done with modern & attractive design with mobile responsive at blazing speed.

In Matthew 9:36-38

"But when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them because they fainted and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd.

[37] Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few;

[38] Pray ye, therefore, the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth laborers into his harvest."

Jesus Cares For The Sinners...

When Jesus saw how the people were living without the knowledge of God, he was moved with compassion on them;

As a man of God, do you care only for your members, or do you care for others out there to bring them to the knowledge and kingdom of God…?

Are You Partial To Only Your Members Or Do You Care For Others?

Do you care about those in darkness searching for the light, those in confused state searching or looking for answers to their prayers and question?

It Is Time

It is time to make the word of God yield more results.

Time To Connect

It is time to allow members and others feeling broken in spirit out there get connected and closer to God.

Make The Word Available To Anyone

It is time to allow members to access your teachings, past sermons through video, audio, or text format, and important verse of the scriptures at your church website during their free or low moment.

Encourage Yourself Too

And as a way to encourage yourself during downtime by listening to your own words on your website.

Prophetic & Devotional Prayers

Create a daily devotional prayer point for the whole year.

Create a prophetic daily devotional scriptural verses for the whole year

Sell Books & Knowledge

Sell books you've written (Hardcover or Digital eBooks)

Earn the right way for yourself without being tempted to torch the church offering.

Accept Tights And Offering

Accept online tights and offering from the online audience or members who couldn't make it to church.

Start Now
Accept Donations

Have a project that needs more hands, accept online donations for charity, church projects and developments.

Start Now
Meetings and Counseling

Create a private counseling or schedule a meeting with members or anyone during your free hours.

Start Now
I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase. (1Cort 3:6 )

Your Final Solution To Establish & Expand Your

Church congregation is finally here.

Get more awareness for yourself as a man of God and create more exposure for your church.

Get members to visit the church website to revise past sermons and preaching, also share them on their social media.

Get members or anyone feel more connected to the church and stop losing dedicated and important church members.

Stop replicating other ministries out there and do something different.


“But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.” (James 3:17)

You or the assistant pastors can contribute and share knowledge about Christian topics that helps members and other people know more about God & worship him in truth and in spirit.

Your church website will have a section like YouTube alike.

All videos, audio and image galleries will be uploaded there.

Does your church have different locations and want to keep track records or private online documentation for future uses?

Let Elvis Digital build your church website..

So Who Am I, And Why Work With Me?

Iam Elvis by name, and I reside in Lagos;
I have been a digital marketer close to 3 years now, managing and helping businesses grow their online presence.

And as well as an electronics worker in my district church.

A young and passionate youth who loves to engage in the activities in the church that pleases God.

Elvis Ogbonna is the founder at Elvis Digital.

But the sad truth; Even though, as an electronics worker in my church,

I still felt limited, I just felt this zeal that I wanted to do more for God and churches out there;

By helping them gain more online presence, awareness and exposure through their website.

Learn More About Other Services I Offer...

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    But There Is Another Problem You Should Be Aware Of...

    The explosion of noises and distractions in this modern world is unavoidable;

    Not to talk of the deceptiveness of the devil, have kept people far away from God.

    The fundamental activities exported by the ruminant of the western world (Smartphones and The Internet) jas cause more harm than good;

    Let alone the freedom to do anything online, has increasingly reduced people’s attention span from living a true life that pleases God.


    Instead of being against the technologies and evil activities people do online;
    Instead of preaching against using the internet;

    Because no one listens to that music.

    The Only way is to learn how embrace it as Men of God,

    And adapt by going where they are; (The Internet World) and winning their souls for Christ by having an online presence for your church.

    Having an online presence for your church is now more important than ever.

    And fighting against the plans of the devil by letting the gospel of God reach to the people where they hang around.

    Alot of people are living in sin, and some are looking for ways to come out of it;

    Not everyone can come out openly to confess their sins or open up the secret things they do in private or behind the scenes.

    So they run online to find help, find solution, and seek advice to their problems, and a way out.

    And you and your church stand a chance to make a difference in people’s lives..

    It Is About Making
    A Difference

    In The World.

    It's not about having a church website

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    Get mobile responsive and modern website for your church to boost your awareness.

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    Ready To Boost Your Church Awareness...?

    Website Requirements

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    • Note: Other requirements and details of the church will be needed after the agreement is made and part of the payment paid.


    • Standard Package 4-5 Weeks to complete.
    • Mega Package 6-7 Weeks to complete.
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      Note: Do Not Fill The Form If You Have No Interest In Building/Developing Your Website For Your Church.

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      This Opportunity Is A One Time Offer...!

      The price is only a one-time opportunity and a chance to get more exposure for your church and stay ahead.

      For the love of God, I have decided to make a huge cut on my price to assist churches out there that needs it.

      If I am to charge for a normal fee as a Website Design Agency,

      I will charge nothing less than ₦100,0000 for Standard Package & ₦150,000 for Mega Package because there is a lot of work to be done in getting the website up and running.

      And also, I would have been charging an extra ₦20,0000 per month for maintenance and security updates.

      But for a limited time period, you won’t be paying anywhere close to my normal fee.

      In fact, for this limited time period, you will be getting a ₦0.00 maintenance fee for serious churches ready to grow their online presence and exposure. 



      After the Timer is 0;

      The link and offer to this page will expire and gone Forever.

      If you doubt;

      Bookmark this page and check on the 9th of August.

      I won’t tell you to hurry like other fake marketers out there who only want your money;

      I believe in the quality service that I offer and the genuine heart to help those that need them.

      I am making this huge cut on my price to extend my services and to help churches out there.


      Frequently Asked Question

      What Is A Domain...?

      A domain name is the address of the website, for example,

      How Much Is A Domain?

      Namecheap is the best place to buy .org domain at $9. 

      Are We / (Pastor or Church) To Buy The Domain?

      For Standard Package Yes, you are to pay an extra $9 in naira exchange price for the domain;

      But For Mega Package No.

      Here is the price list of domain prices at Namecheap.


      Are We To Use A .com Domain Extension?

      I know .com is popular, but it is recommended to use the right domain extension .org for its purpose.

      .org means Organization Domain while

      .com means Commercial Business Domain.

      What Is The Difference Between .com Or .org Domain Extension

      In the internet world, .com domain extension is a commercial domain (For a business purpose)

      .org is a non-profit organization domain extension use in charity, church, etc.

      But if you still insist on going for .com as a choice, no problem.

      What Is A Website Hosting?

      Hosting is your web server of the site where your site lives,

      Take for an example;
      A land where a house is built.

      The website codes and files are the house.
      While web hosting is the land.

      Do We Really Need The Mega Package?

      No, for churches who just need only a website and don't have interest for future exposure, and awareness;

      The standard is just okay for you, but if your church is already established, likely will establish or will love to establish in the future;

      Then, go for Mega Package.

      Can We Go For Mega Package If Our Church Doesn't Have Some Features Like Service Video Recording?

      It is recommended for future benefit.
      As you grow along, you can be updating your site with it...

      But Can We Start With Standard Package, And Later Upgrade To Mega Package In The Future...?

      Yes, you can;

      I definitely understand many churches may not be ready for the Mega Package or have budgets for it;

      But however, keep in mind that, this is only a one time opportunity and offer.

      You can start with the Standard Package but you will need to pay an extra N40,000 for the upgrade for Mega Package.

      Just message me with your payment evidence or receipt.

      Start Today...

      Grow And Create
      Exposure For Your Church Today...

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