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I Was Defeated Before I Started

How I Got Defeated Before I Started And How You Can Avoid Them.


When starting anything for the first time, many people have these exciting feelings like, yeah, I will start this, I will do this or that.












Or they will sound like this;

Wow, I have an XYZ product or services idea, and it will be so profitable for me; 

And then they’ll start having these thoughts that soon they will be their own boss.

But the real question is, does it really work like that?

Of course not.

Starting anything in this world can be very profitable and rewarding, whether it is going in for a new career, learning a skill, or even starting your own business.  

But sustaining that business, turning your new career or skills you’ve learned into something more, is a different story.


One of the greatest mistakes I’ve seen most people make when thinking about starting anything in life; 

Is jumping in very quickly only to realize they can’t face the challenges upfront.


Here, I wanted to share a little bit about my journey; maybe you will find some insight to help you make better decisions when thinking about starting anything in life.

So, Let’s get started.


How I Got Defeated Before I Started Elvis Digital.


A few years back, I was so excited about the skills I’ve acquired as a digital marketer, 

I knew how to run social media ads, I became an expert in web development and design, sharpened my skills in Google advertising,

got more insight on how SEO work and how to rank a site;

One of my greatest dreams is to publish something online, and someone will gain value from it.

I went the extra mile to take more online exams on each skill, and guess what, I got all the certificates.

And now in my head am thinking, am ready to roll the rumble;

But the greatest hindrance hit me when I dive in deep, trying to implement the skills I’ve learned into the real world;

My hindrance was I don’t know where to start;

I discovered digital marketing is the most competitive industry in the world.

As a beginner, I wanted to start where the competition is less;


Digital marketing has many branches like SEO, Social media marketing, Advertising, Affiliate marketing, Blogging, Email marketing, etc.

People say affiliate marketing is easy, but the fact is;

If you wanted to be successful, you either have a large email list, a grown-up site, or bought spammed emails, which I hated.



So I couldn’t try affiliate marketing.

I gave SEO a shot because I love how it works; 



but I didn’t go for it because the competition was extremely high. 

SEO is about building authority and trust with Google, which can take years…

As an amateur then, I couldn’t differentiate between a competitive keyword or easy to rank keywords;

I just relied on tools and got scared by domain authority.

Developing a website was like a hobby, 



but I denied myself from it because I felt like there are better developers out there better than I;

In my head, there is no way I could compare myself with full-stack web developers that create awesome templates and make huge profits from them.

Running all different ads was like what I started to enjoy, and I gained more insights and strategies for targeting a specific audience and generating results.


I did Facebook ads for fun and generating customers for a colleague’s small business.



but I don’t know how to convince other people or business owners to trust me to get the same results for them.

Starting a blog was part of my plan to share my knowledge and thoughts, and others will benefit from it. 



but the problem was there are so many writers and blogs out there that have written 10x better than what I know.

All these were my excuses and the fear of the unknown there are holding me back or the thoughts of how they will judge me;

So the pressure became so much for me because there is no easy option to go for anymore;

I felt like I started very late.

I realize that digital marketing was indeed a tough industry, which leads to my syndrome of failure.

Guess what happened…?

I walked away.



How many times have you found passion about something you wanted to do or love doing, whether it is:

Achieving certain goals or making your dream true,

And we don’t even try or take action because of your fear of failure, because of the competition, or what people will say or think about you.

Or maybe saying to yourself, you’re too small for this, or too old;

Saying ugly things to yourself like; 

Who do you think you are to achieve this goal?

I am a nobody; If I do it, I will fail.

I am fat, I am thin, so I can’t do it, or you won’t fit in;

Nobody cares about my stuff, so why worry, etc.

And thereby allowing your circumstance dictate who you are; 

I let my fear control my thoughts and decisions.

And not knowing the mind was playing tricks on me, and I failed at that.

I remember over the past years walking away from the digital marketing industry because I was afraid of the aggressive competition.

So, I went and got a job, but I hated what I do for others;

During then, my aim was to make a lot of money as quickly as possible rather than following my heart (Digital marketing).

And it cost me a lot. 

Not only did I fail miserably, but it cost me years of doing a mediocre job and following a path I had no passion for, and I regretted it.

The worst part about the failure was, I wasn’t proud to present myself as the creator of what I did because I hated what I produced.

But finally, after starting Elvis Digital, I feel so energized every day, even though things may not be great (still in the process) 

But I feel like I have a sense of purpose in life, also brave enough to present myself as the founder of Elvis digital.

Sometimes I wish I stick to the path I love from the beginning; imagine how far I would have gone.


How to avoid being defeated before starting anything In Life.


The biggest mistake I see is hesitation.

One thing you should realize is that you should start immediately without any excuses.

Waiting too long costs you time, and time is priceless.

The more you waste time; Objections start to arise.

The more objections you have; Fear starts creeping in, and when there is fear, you fail before you even start.

My friends, this was my story before I started Elvis Digital.


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