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Should Local Marketing Be Neglected Over Digital Marketing?

Starting a business is pretty easy but turning it into a successful brand, that’s a different story.
Often when I first meet a client for the first time, the most frequent question I always get asked is,
I need more customers for my business; how can I promote my products or services to get more customers?


Now, this got me thinking about one of the best ways to get customers very quickly and fast; Then it came to me;

It’s advertising.
Advertising is by far, without a doubt, the fastest way to reach potential customers, create awareness for any product or service and convey your message about your business.

But considering what type of ads to use for your business,
Whether it should be digital or local marketing depends on the business type you’re running.

Back in the days before the internet, most local businesses with physical stores would prefer to use hanging signs at their shop premises to tell potential customers about the products or services they offer.


Other advertising methods used in getting exposure for their business are handbills, flyers, poster signs, billboards ads, tv ads, newspapers, magazines, radio advertisements, etc. 

But these marketing tactics are limited and not capable of reaching a large targeted group of audience.

With the rapid growth shift in competition among businesses, including the pandemic (Covid 19), has taught many businesses not to negate digital marketing and having a business presence online.

But the question is, should local marketing be completely ignored?

The easiest and most effective means to reach customers using digital marketing is online advertising.

Still, that doesn’t mean local marketing aren’t effective at getting customers for your business;
Both are great, but their effectiveness depends on the country you’re located in.
The comparison between digital and local marketing shouldn’t be quickly judged.


The right answer is, it all depends on the business.
For example;
Suppose a salon business is located in the U.S. 


In that case, the results you get when promoting using online advertising will be quite different if a salon here in Nigeria promotes using the same method.

While on the other hand, if a saloon here leverages local advertising will likely get more results than using online advertising.


I’m not saying this can happen to every business out there, and I am not telling you not to have an online presence for your business. 

Or try to convince you to start focusing your attention on local marketing strategies.
All I am trying to convene is that local marketing strategies aren’t dead at getting results.

Yes, I agree digital are far better than local marketing, but as a local business owner, when deciding what marketing strategy to implement to grow your business;

I’ll say the best way to go about it is to test both approaches and figure out what works for your business.

If you sell local foodstuff in the village market, you don’t necessarily need online marketing to grow your business;


In this case, what you need is local marketing.

Here’s another example for other digital marketing agencies out there;
If you’re offering digital marketing services to local businesses, especially in a developing country;

You will notice, to get that conversion, it needs human interaction, and also, there are two (2) limitations likely to hold you.

  • 1.) Getting clients anywhere within the country, except the state you’re located in.
  • 2.) Focusing full-time leveraging online advertising to convert local clients because you will most likely be wasting budget, except you’re looking for cheap clients.


You might be shocked to see this but let me explain just a moment;

For marketing agency service providers out there; to get clients, closing a deal, attend events, network, sign contracts, get word of mouth, referrals, etc.
It needs physical interaction to complete these activities.

Leveraging only on digital marketing to get local clients might not be a good recommendation;
Yes, you will reach the right target audience, you will get leads, but it’ll be hard to close them, especially if you’re in a developing country.

Why…? Because it needs physical interactions and building of trust.

If you’re selling a physical product that’s different here, but if you’re offering local marketing services or any other services, there’s no way around it.


Your physical presence will most likely be needed, like attending events to build your network, meeting clients face to face to build relationships, partnering with other business organizations, etc.

So, in this case, you shouldn’t conclude that digital marketing is more effective than local marketing.
Local marketing strategies aren’t dead, in fact; it is still very much alive.

There are millions of people out there listening to this fake crappy advice claiming online marketing beats it all for any business;
But according to my test and implementations, it’s false.

I think most people kept saying this based on the opinion of others rather than facts.

I’ve stopped believing in what everyone out there is saying and started focusing on data and facts.
This means you shouldn’t completely ignore local marketing strategies when making decisions for your business.


The results you get depend on the type of business you’re in and your location.

But for most businesses, digital marketing is the future and arguably the most effective means to reach the right target audience, easily scale and get more results.

So, Incorporating both local and digital can create powerful brand marketing strategies for your business.

So, over to you, friend.

Let me know what you think in the comment section. Do you still agree leveraging only on digital marketing is better or think all of this is a fluff?

I’ll be happy to know your thoughts; Thank you.

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