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The Problem⚠️🏌️‍♀️

Issues And Challenges Facing Businesses Today

One of the most common problems businesses face today is having a consistent customer patronizing their product or services.

Days are gone when using Radio Tv set and Post bill to promote a business, today the internet has changed everything, the way we behave and live our life.

The chance for a business to grow and succeed in today’s world, with so many competition arising every day, you need more than native promotion to grow your business.

With the help of social media marketing, we can help empower and increase your business growth.

We provide Social Medial Management Service to local clients and international brands expanding to Nigeria.

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Let's Explode your Business page

Delivering hyper-targeted Leads and Prospect for your business, ready to buy

Our social media marketing strategy keeps Improving and Evolving, to ensure we deliver a high-quality results for our clients.

Growing Your Accounts

We will grow Facebook fan page, increase your Instagram follower, get twites for your Twitter post, generate leads from LinkedIn to grow your business

Social Media Marketing Specialist

We will dedicate you to a proven skilled Social media manager to administer and manage your social media accounts.

We Are Different

A Successful Social Media Manager is a manufacturer of attention.
At Elvis Digital we'll differentiate your brand from your competitor with a USP (Unique Selling Point.)
Let us help you achieve your business goals.

High-Quality Content

Elvis Digital will be in charge of creating high-quality text content for your post, Create interesting and engaging videos to entertain and educate your audience while passing the message about your business. Design and create graphics for your brand that gets likes and shares.

Customer Service

Our Social media manager in Lagos will represent your Customer Care, responding to comments and questions. (We will forward any questions we think that best suit our client to respond, this might depend on the product or services.)

Increase Your Authority

Collaborate with influencers in your industry to help increase your brand credibility. We are the award winning social media marketing agency in Lagos

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Transparence Report

Deliver an effective campaign with transparent reporting. You will get detailed analytics about your social media performance.


Up-to-date with trends and the latest software and technology to help boost your brand.

Best Social Media Management

Our savvy social media manager with extensive and in-depth knowledge of social media marketing will generate the results you want.

Research and Case Study

Research has shown that "Customers spend more online than in a physical store."

Power of Social media

So keep your business alive and find new customers is by leveraging the power of social media marketing.

Process Perfection

If you're a business owner and are not on social media, you're missing a lot. Let the best Social Media Marketing Agency in Lagos increase your business profits.

Elvis Digital Team, social media marketing agency In Lagos.

What We'll Do For You

Build Brand Awareness and increase your business Visibility through which your brand will be promoted as a credible & well-driven company

Develop a monthly social media content calendar for your page,
We will be in charge of creating high-quality content for your social media post, exciting and engaging videos to entertain and educate your audience while passing the message about your business or brand.
(All post will first be reviewed and approved by our clients before posting on your account)

Is your industry competitive? don’t worry; we will come up and Implement a strategy to differentiate your brand against your competitors using a U.S.P (Unique Selling Point)

Strategies and map out a social media plan to generate and achieve your business goals.


Optimize your business page to be friendly with social media algorithms.

Oversee your advertising campaign to generate your most important KPI, even at a low budget.

Design and create high-quality graphics that match your brand image that gets likes and shares.

We won’t have worked with international brands expanding to Nigeria if we’re not the best social media manager in Lagos.

Our Social media manager will represent your Customer Care, responding to comments and questions.
(We will forward any questions we think that best suit our client to respond, this depends on the nature of your business’s product or service).

Follow the Product or Services lifecycle and build a strategy that effectively communicates the Company’s value to the target audience.

A savvy social media manager should manufacture attention, let our specialized social media manager in Lagos generate, and give you the customers you’ve been losing.

Collaborate with top influencers in your industry to increase your brand recognition to help achieve your marketing purpose.

Our social media experts will optimize, measure, and report social media page performance,

We’ll respect, follow, and adhere to the Company’s rules and regulations.

Keep up with Time Management to meet up with all the necessary tasks.

Be up-to-date with trends and the latest software and technology to help boost your brand.

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    Frequetly Asked Question About Social Media Mareketing

    Is Social Media Marketing Dead in 2021?

    Social media marketing is the best way to connect and build relationship with your audience.

    If you're planning to grow your business online without leveraging social media marketing, you're missing a lot and will not achieve a good result.

    Websites focusing on SEO to grow their business, also needs social media marketing to increase their social signal as part of the Google's ranking factor.

    So social media is still very much alive.

    How do I practice Social Media Marketing in Nigeria?

    Practicing and implementing social media marketing for your business in Nigeria has a lot that goes with it;

    It's either you hire a reliable social media manager at Elvis Digital to manage your business page or learn how to do it yourself.

    Why is social media good for your business in Nigeria?

    Social media gives you the opportunity to get to know your customers by sharing valuable content, and build a relationship with them.

    It also gives you the insight to learn more about your customers pain-points.

    Social media platforms helps you engage with your customers to discover where your business needs improvement through feedback and comments.

    What are the advantages of using social media in Nigeria?

    There is a lot of advantages business in Nigeria gets by implementing a social media marketing strategies.

    1.) Through these platforms, you easily connect with potential clients and customers to build a long term relationship with them.

    2.) Building a brand on social as the authority in your space is all about delivering values that improves your customers life.

    3.) Leveraging social media in Nigeria helps you increase website traffic and backlinks to your site as part of ranking signals.

    4.) Pay very little for sponsored ads on social to reach millions of customers compared to other forms of advertising.

    5.) You can easily track your competitors and learn from their strategy as an advantage to beat them.

    6.) Social media helps you A/B split test your campaign to know what works.
    Get detailed analytics about what works.

    Let Elvis Digital with the best social media manager in Lagos generate result for your business.

    We dedicate at delivery values to our clients.

    Why do companies use social media for marketing?

    Companies use social media to pass the message about their business to their target audience, it helps them connect to learn more about their customers.

    Companies use social media to promote their products and services, which helps to build a better marketing strategy.

    What is the best social media platform for my business?

    Well, I wrote about this question in one of my blog, learn more.

    When starting your journey on these platform, you have to understand two things and get them right.

    1) Not all social platforms will fit your business industry; choosing the wrong social media platform could waste your time and resources.

    2) There are a lot of good social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tiktok, YouTube, etc.

    3.) The key is to find the right platform that fits your business and target audience.

    best social media manager in Lagos, Elvis Digital.

    Frequently Asked Question About Our Service

    How Many Social Accounts Can You Manage For Me?

    The platforms we focus on are: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

    We have dedicated social media experts ready to manage your business page.

    I have a local store here in Nigeria, is social media right for my business?

    Yes, you can reach millions of potential customers interested in your products or services, and the best part is you can make sales without them visiting your local store.

    This depends if you're willing to provide shipping service to your customers.

    What is the minimum advertising budget do you recommend?

    We'll every business is different in all shapes and sizes, so we can't justify that here.

    Please fill out the form to get a free 60 minutes consultation;

    We will learn about your business, if you're a good fit, 

    You will give you an estimated cost to manage your business account.

    How can I know the stage of my business performance in social media?

    We will provide you with an easy and understandable, transparent analytics report about your ongoing business performances on social media.

    Why should I trust and hire you to manage my business on social media?

    We have certified social media experts and have worked with international brands; as the best social media marketing agency in Lagos. 

    We will never take on projects we think we can't generate result,

    Be rest assured when you're qualified as a client; you have 100% assurance of getting the results you want.

    Achieve An Awesome Results

    We dedicate at achieving our clients goal

    Business Of All Sizes

    We help both local and international brands expanding to Nigeria.

    Your Business Profits In Loop

    We did it for other clients, we will do the same for you

    Generate Significant ROI

    We will generate a high profits revenue for your business.

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