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Poor Mindset People Have About Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing Poor Mindset.

When Social media networks started back in the early days, it was a field known for interaction, communication, and building relationships.

But looking at today’s world, everything has changed from how we live to the shift in marketing.

You can’t differentiate between an interactive platform from a marketplace.


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Today, most marketers have this wrong mindset seeing social media as a marketplace where you sell anything.


Yes, it’s true social networks allow you to advertise your business to reach potential customers, but it doesn’t mean it’s a place meant for selling.

In a nutshell, a social media platform is a networking site for interaction between users, a place to hang out for entertainment or gain more insights and knowledge about what’s going on in the world.


I remember back in the days when platforms like Facebook were still new,

The goal then was, who has the highest friends list, or who’s post is more likely to get more interaction?

Probably ladies get the most engagement even when they post something unreasonable. (Funny fact)

But compare then and today, you can’t scroll more than two posts without seeing an ad, especially on Facebook.

Everybody wants to sell their products and services, including bad ones and so-called high promising BS products with a high price tag…

I call this extortion from the poor (people who are not yet well equipped with lousy marketers).

Whenever I see an ad that doesn’t make any sense (BS), I always ask myself what these marketers gain by making big claims about themselves and lies just to sell their products to make quick money;

So that way, they can showcase their lavish fake lifestyle on videos to attract even more people to scam.

Nobody wants to put in the work anymore to get the actual result, only faking it till you make it and big claims and lies to make sales;

That is not marketing.

“Marketing is about serving, not selling” so-called products (Bs and lies).


The internet has always been like that, but this has increased more every single day, especially on Facebook.

Sometimes I feel like Facebook doesn’t even care about its users.

They’re only after the ads money, which has attracted more spamming on social media.


Take LinkedIn for an example;

As we all know, LinkedIn is a professional networking site where businesses of all types and experts hang out.

I always ask myself, if billions of businesses are using these platforms, I mean the heart of world-class business owners and leaders, including top marketers, can be found there,

Why isn’t Linkedin so spamming like other platforms?

Aren’t it the same people advertising aggressively on other social networks doing business?

So, what went wrong?

Then, it came to me; it’s all about the quality standards each platform lays for its audience.

Bad Advice Leads To Poor Marketing On Social Media.



Today, the latest trending tactics for amateur marketers who don’t know anything about growing a business online are often advised by their “so-called” BS expert in marketing.

‘Go on social media, market to anyone, advertise and sell any product you can think of.’

But is that the right way of marketing and should it be so?

Yes, you should promote your business on social media networks, but that doesn’t mean you should sell anything to anyone, including lies.

Come on…


I am not even surprised that some digital marketing training programs out there are encouraging this, which I think is the downfall for anyone looking to build something that will last.

That’s why many people keep taking courses after course about digital marketing without getting any results,

Why? Because they listen to the wrong people and build from a faulty foundation from BS marketers who want to sell their course.

When the root of a tree is dying, guess what happens to the branches…? The same applies here.

Building a lasting business online is a gradual process.

For growth to happen, you need to communicate like a real human and not fake it or spamming the whole internet like a bot seeking vulnerability on a site to hack.

I believe social media marketing is about creating awareness for a business and letting potential customers know that you exist, not a marketplace or where to sell BS products or services…



So now, over to you, a.k.a speak your mind:

Regarding my option in this article, do you agree with me or think I’m wrong? Or maybe I am the BS guy.

Hahaha, please let me know in the comment section.



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