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Everything You Thought About Marketing Is Wrong

Misconception About Marketing 

When people hear the word marketing, they misunderstood it with words like advertising, spamming, annoying people with a sales pitch, selling crappy stuff, or giving away something for free and expecting a sale.

All these are what people perceive as marketing, but in reality, is that all about marketing?


What if I told you everything you thought about marketing is wrong?

What if most of the things you do in life is just marketing?

Ask any marketer out there the meaning of marketing, and they’ll say;

Marketing is a business promotion used to attract new customers and create awareness or exposure to any products or services.

But in a nutshell, when you put yourself out there trying to achieve some certain goals, whether it is: 

  • Trying to influence other people.
  • Trying to make others view you higher than you are.
  • When you’re trying to attract certain people in your life.
  • Trying to get the best negotiation in a job interview.
  • Expressing your points over something in a conversation.
  • When trying to convince others to think, understand or agree over a certain situation. etc.

In all these events that happen almost every day in our lives;

What if I told you, you’re indirectly marketing without even knowing it?

As Derick Sivers once said;

Marketing means being considerate.

Marketing means making it easy for other people to notice you, relate to you, remember you, and tell other people about you.

Marketing just means listening or finding a solution for what people need and creating something surprisingly relevant for them.


Marketing also means getting to know more about other people and making a deeper connection.

Marketing means understanding a given situation or seeing something from another person’s perspective and doing something that is best for them.

All of this means being considerate.

A case study shows that people hate hearing the word marketing;

Well, you can’t actually blame them because marketers do marketing in really bad ways, which makes people view marketing as:

  • Disturbing others with crappy products just to make quick money.
  • Distracting their attention from something they’re engaged with and all they have to say is irrelevant.
  • Using lies to deceive people into taking actions that don’t benefit them.
  • Forcing people to click or buy something and being annoying.


All of these are wrong thinking and perception about marketing.

On the other hand, some marketers make the mistake of viewing marketing as:

Chasing people to buy a product, spamming, manipulating their thoughts;

Convincing other people to buy something they don’t need when you actually know it’s not best for them. 

Pitching clients to sign up for a deal that earns them a lot of money when the services they offer aren’t worth it.

Selling something at a higher price when the product is low quality or useless.


All these are some misconceptions of how marketers view marketing. 

But in reality, it’s all wrong, and nobody likes that.

This is why people tend to stay away from people whom they view as marketers.

But really, the best marketing means finding creative ways to be considerate;

Finding a solution to people’s problems and being that solution.

Helping other people with the right type of product relevant and best for them; 


All of these means being considerate and helping others to achieve or solve something in their life; 

That is the best marketing.


The First Bad Marketing That First Existed.

From the beginning of the world till this day, marketing had always existed directly or indirectly in everything we do;

I’ll use a reference story from the bible; how the first promotion took place.

In the beginning, The Serpent marketed the Apple of Eden (The Forbidden Fruit Of Eden) as a product to carefree Eve by promoting the benefits of having knowledge and sights like God.

In turn, Eve herself marketed the same apple as her product (The Forbidden Fruit Of Eden) to the unlucky Adam with this fabricated sales pitch;


“Eat this fruit, and you shall see and be wise as God.”

And the result… 

Is our struggles and pains today.


Looking at these examples, the same thing bad marketers use day to day in business till date.

But don’t get me wrong, I didn’t say you shouldn’t promote your products or services;

The best way to grow any business is to get it in front of the right customer and not just wait and pray for sales to happen rapidly.

Through marketing, scaling your business means being active on different channels (online or offline), testing different approaches, and constant exploration.


It will help you gain more exposure and awareness for your business.

But when your offers are not fit for the customers, or selling at a high price to make profits when your product or services is of low quality?

Then you’re doing bad marketing.

My friends, I hope this article makes sense to you about marketing.

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